Our supporters include


Since July 2014, ARMMAN has been collaborating with Apanalaya through its mMitra project. The project uses mobile telephones to send pre-recorded relevant awareness messages to pregnant and lactating mothers.

Australian Consulate, Mumbai

Australian High Commission supported Apnalaya in 2013 with infrastructural and equipment.Since 2015 they have committed to support a home-based community run crèche program to facilitate women to earn a livelihood while enabling other women to go out and seek work while their children stay in a safe environment.

Child Action (Sharma Foundation)

The cause of supporting people with disability is very dear to Sharma Foundation and they have generously contributed to Apanalaya since 2010 towards the same.


Apnalaya was one of 20 High Impact organisations chosen by the international EPIC Foundation in 2015 to partner with from amongst 1400 organisations worldwide and only 1 amongst 3 in India.

Give India

Apnalaya partners with ICDS to build the capacity of the ICDS teachers and support staff as well in increasing the number of ICDS anganwadis.

Government of India/ICDS

Apnalaya has partnered with the ICDS to build the capacity of the ICDS teachers and support staff as well in increasing the number of ICDS anganwadis.

HT Parekh Foundation

The H T Parekh Foundation joined hands with Apnalaya in 2015 to work with adolescents, to overcome existing gender based inequalities and improve positive health seeking behaviour in order to build more equitable communities


International Center for Research on Women has been working with Apnalaya since 2013 leveraging the popular platform of sports and the role modelling influence of mentors from the community to transform gender norms and prevent Gender Based Violence.

IDBI Federal Life Insurance

IDBI Federal supports our Disability program by enabling easy access to medicines, aids and appliances for our disabled children.

Save the Children

Save The Children, an international funding agency has been partnering with Apnalaya in the area of maternal and child health since 2010.

Swiss Air Staff Foundation

Swiss Air has been facilitating the secondary and higher education of several children who could not have continued their education but for this support.

United Way of Mumbai

United Way of Mumbai has been instrumental in the funds Apnalaya raises by virtue of being a registered NGO participating in the Mumbai Marathon. We are now beneficiaries of their Payroll Giving program.